Embroidery or Screen Printing? What is right for you....

Posted by Michelle Queen, Published on the Embroidery Store Blog on Jun 17th 2020

Promotional products are an excellent method of increasing your company’s brand awareness and advertising in general. But before you can distribute those promotional products, like socks or headbands, you need to decide if you’re going to embroider your logo or silk screen (also known as screenprinting) it on the apparel or other promotional item. For the promotional products to do their job, they need to prominently display your logo. If it’s hard to distinguish or read, it’s not going to do your company any good.

The pros of embroidering your logo:

  • If you’re using any of the following items for promotional purposes, embroidering works best for them: golf shirts, hats, socks, headbands, arm bands, jackets, and other, thicker materials.
  • Embroidering is seen as a “classier” method because it produces a precise and near-perfect design, more often than screenprinting.
  • The look is often more professional and lasts longer with embroidery.
  • Because embroidering machines are made to multi-task, you can save money when you order more products.

The cons of embroidering your logo:

  • In some cases, the logo must be adjusted to accommodate the embroidery method because shading is hard to recreate with thread.
  • Embroidery is more expensive than screenprinting (but produces a higher quality item).
  • It can be difficult to recreate small text on an embroidered logo and ensure that it is legible.

If your company wants to give away thousands of crew neck t-shirts at an upcoming conference or event, screen printing is the best option. It will save you time and money when you need that higher quantity, especially if the design you plan to imprint is large or both front and back.

Logo embroidery is most often seen on apparel like uniforms, or a pocket shirt (where just the pocket is embroidered with the logo), hats, button-down shirts, jackets, bags, wristbands, and headbands.